Oil Stains

Preventing Oil Stains on Garage Floor and Driveway

August 1, 2017

You just purchased or built your new home. The garage floor is squeaky clean. Truth be told, you have never seen the point in wasting your time or money with an expensive garage floor coating or other garage flooring product. You just want a simple and affordable way to keep oil from your collector car […]

Best Selling Containment Mat

Best Selling Containment Mat in the Business?

July 18, 2017

There are a lot of containment mats in the business, and obviously, I will state off the too I have my bias. I am in the industry and sell the products. That said, the data is relatively easy to obtain. So lets have a look at the TruContain garage floor containment mat versus the ‘claimed […]

containment mat

Install Containment Mats While it is Warm

July 11, 2017

We had 5 days in a row of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees here in Grand Junction. Seems like the perfect time to tell you about installing a containment mat, right? Especially timely since we all think about containment mats for snow and rain. I mean who needs one in the middle of summer? […]

Back of China Tile

WARNING: Garage Floor Tile Samples

July 6, 2017

I have been in home improvement since I was a kid. I have been selling niche home improvement products like garage flooring since 2001. There are very few absolutes in this business, but I am about to share one with you. If you do not take any other advice myself or other garage flooring insiders […]

RaceDeck Free Flow Vs TrueLock HD Ribbed

TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage Floor Tile Vs RaceDeck™ Free Flow

June 14, 2017

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get is how much of a difference is there between TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage Floor Tile Vs RaceDeck™ Free Flow. Perhaps the most significant differences between the two product is (1) the price and (2) the warranty / brand. TrueLock HD provides a 10 year warranty whereas […]

Garage Tile or Floor Mats

Should I Use Garage Floor Mats or Tiles?

June 5, 2017

Other than parking your car, how do you use your garage? One of the questions we get asked most often is should I use a garage floor tile or a garage floor mat. I will always answer that question with a question. Other than parking your car, how do you use your garage? This is […]

Garage Flooring Insider

An Inside Look at Garage Flooring

June 5, 2017

Welcome to Garage Flooring Insider I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to Garage Flooring Insider. I’ve been in the garage flooring industry for over 16 years. You will find that I am active on the forums and that we have done a lot of blogging on our industry site Garage Flooring LLC. […]